How do you offer modern, tech-savvy travellers the confidence to go where they want to go?

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How do you offer modern, tech-savvy travellers the confidence to go where they want to go?


You can picture the scene at a busy airport. Passengers are pulling suitcases towards the luggage drop while checking their mobile device to make sure their flight’s on time, their accommodation is booked, and their partner has remembered to feed the dog. Our increasing dependence on mobile devices is creating greater demand for personalised service and continuous connection.

In this jet era, nearly 1.8 billion people are predicted to make an international trip by 2025 – a 58% increase from 2014. Almost all of these travellers expect to stay connected with their travel service from beginning to end. According to the International Air Transport Association 2018 Global Passenger Survey, passengers look to technology to give them more control, information and to streamline their travels.

The survey results showed 73% of passengers prefer to receive travel information via their mobile device. One of the great advantages of technology is that it can help us to deliver this service, but we must use it properly and tailor the experience for our customers.

Travel inherently involves risks. For a long time, travellers have been aware of risks such as illness or lost luggage. Now they also have heightened concerns about terrorism, civil unrest and crime, all of which can quickly disrupt their plans and threaten their safety.  As we continue to experience the effects of climate change, the threat, prevalence and unpredictability of natural disasters are also likely to increase – creating a new layer of global travel risk.

At the same time, a growing number of travellers seek authentic travel experiences that are off the beaten track, and they want to be able to travel with confidence. They are looking for innovative and uncomplicated ways to stay safe when the unexpected happens. They understand that insurance policies may not cover all of their activities and that government agencies may not be able to assist in all circumstances. They also don’t want to burden their family with the responsibility of rescuing them if it comes to that.

As travellers’ needs to continue to evolve, the travel market must act to fill the gaps. When it comes to security and personal safety, Crisis Cover uses tracking and data-driven insights to keep members informed about their journey. Travellers have an on-demand way to immediately alert a response team of former elite military, emergency services and law enforcement personnel who will work directly with them in an emergency to bring them to safety.

It is this level of service that provides peace of mind to today’s modern, tech-savvy traveller. Through Crisis Cover, travellers are aware of their travel environment, and they have the option of being monitored in real-time throughout their trip. They know they can alert our teams of specialist response personnel with a simple tap on their mobile device, and that we’ll keep their family informed. That’s the type of confidence and connection they seek to go where they want to go.