We’re always with you

At the heart of Crisis Cover is CapAdvantage™.

This 24/7 global tracking and incident response platform provides real-time monitoring, incident management and emergency response for our members. Members simply install it as an app on their iOS or Android devices.

If you are caught up in a crisis event, simply press the alert button in CapAdvantage™ to call for help. Using CapAdvantage™, we can quickly locate, contact and assist you in a crisis, natural disaster or terrorist event.

CapAdvantage™ was originally designed for multinational companies to use as part of their duty of care for their workforce. The system is based on a military approach to travel safety and security, known as C4i. We use accurate and timely information about situations, personnel and communications to plan, direct and coordinate our response.

Steering you away from danger

With CapAdvantage™, you will receive alerts and updates if a crisis event arises or develops near you and/or you have chosen to receive alerts for the affected country.

Typically, CapAdvantage™ alerts arrive before major news networks release the story. This means you’ll have real-time information, increasing your chances of staying out of danger. If CapAdvantage™ indicates you are near a crisis, we will contact you to check that you are safe and to provide advice or assistance.

How CapAdvantage™ works

  1. If you press the alert button in CapAdvantage™ for help, our Crisis Response Centre receives your updated geolocation information.
  2. We will urgently contact you by call, SMS and/or email with advice and response services.
  3. CapAdvantage™ requires no extra hardware. You simply install it as an app on your iOS or Android device. You will receive an activation code that allows you to install it on up to three (3) smartphones or tablets.

The system has the following features:

  • Assist button for immediate response services
  • Geolocation and live tracking
  • Alerts and real-time updates
  • Proactive and manual welfare check-in
  • Device tracking in the event of theft or loss.

CapAdvantage™ requires a data connection through a mobile or Wi-Fi network. Members also need to activate location settings on their device for geolocation, tracking and alert services.