About Crisis Cover

Crisis Cover is a geolocation security and evacuation membership that offers travellers safety in the unexpected.

We know that the unexpected happens to travellers every day. We have also seen how quickly these events can irreversibly damage and change lives. Crisis Cover is a proactive 24/7 worldwide service designed to protect travellers’ and their wellbeing. Our promise is to get travellers to safety when the unexpected happens.

Many travel insurance products no longer provide adequate protection for the risks faced by today’s travellers. Crisis Cover is not travel insurance. Instead, it complements it, filling gaps to offer greater peace of mind for travellers and their families.

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Our People

In 2019, a team of accomplished senior travel insurance and emergency assistance executives established Crisis Cover. They had spent their careers working for the largest global industry players and saw the growing need for protection and safety services tailored to modern travellers. Our people share a love of travel and do so for adventure, work, relaxation, and to serve greater causes.

How we work

We believe in customer-led business and we focus on what matters for travellers. Previously, our management team has worked together to deliver successful travel assistance strategies and helped drive some of the global leaders in travel.

Our team works closely with an Advisory Committee, which is made up of industry leaders in medical evacuation, military response and travel insurance. This Committee provides direction and advice on service delivery, major event response and customer outcomes.

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About Our Partners

Student Parachute is a geolocation tracking, student protection and assistance membership that fills the gaps of other traditional international student health products. Student Parachute is a proactive 24/7 worldwide assistance service designed to protect students and their wellbeing.

Our promise is to provide the assistance and response services needed to get international students to safety when the unexpected happens. A Student Parachute membership offers:

  • Up-to-date location, health and safety advisory services
  • Risk ratings and real-time alerts
  • State-of-the-art geolocation tracking and monitoring technology
  • 24/7 access via a single touch button to globally recognised security and medical expertise and advice
  • Proprietary, vetted, multilingual, on-the-ground security and evacuation specialist response teams
  • Access to a student-only information portal
  • Optional global medical monitoring and repatriation services

Our Student Sentinel services are powered by Healix International, a leader in medical, security and travel assistance services. Working on behalf of multinational corporations, governments, universities, NGOs, and insurers, Healix is entrusted with the security and welfare of millions of expatriates, students, travellers, and local nationals in every country of the world, 24 hours a day.

Healix has 40 years of experience providing healthcare and risk management solutions to a wide range of international clients. They currently have offices and operational centres in the UK, USA, New Zealand, Kenya, Singapore and Spain. Healix’s dedicated medical team of fully qualified doctors and nurses makes for the highest ratio of clinically trained staff in the managed health services industry, with extensive experience in international medicine, aviation medical care and emergency evacuations.

Healix also boasts a highly qualified team of global security specialists. This team provides clients with a proactive, customised approach to mitigating international travel risks, ensuring the security of their people and resources wherever they are around the globe.
You can read more about Healix here.  www.healix.com

FocusPoint Logo

We have partnered with FocusPoint International Inc (FocusPoint) to develop Crisis Cover for leisure travellers. FocusPoint is a global risk consultancy that specialised in travel risk management, business resiliency for multi-national organisations and crisis response solutions. Headquartered in the United States, FocusPoint maintains offices and personnel in emerging markets and key business centres throughout the world. FocusPoint is routinely engaged in 600 plus locations and 120 countries, with access to over 5,000 proprietary and vetted on-the-ground, multi-lingual, specialist crisis response teams. These specialist consultants and on-the-ground response personnel come from diverse backgrounds in law enforcement, elite military, intelligence, and medical and health care.

Our 24/7 security and medical assistance services are provided through FocusPoint Crisis Response Centres located in Florida, USA and Cape Town, South Africa. FocusPoint is an ISO 9001:2015 certified organisation and a member of the UN Global Compact.

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We have also partnered with the following industry specialists and experts


Cummins&Partners is an independent full-service branding agency made up of world-class communications thinkers and practitioners, working hand in hand to deliver integrated solutions unlike any other creative organisation.

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Speedwell delivers expertise in business analysis, digital strategy and enterprise-grade web & mobile development. As Crisis Cover’s digital partner, we collaborated closely to develop a customer-centric global solution through the delivery of integrated solutions.

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Altr.Design main goal is to form partnerships with clients like it has done with Crisis Cover, allowing customers to receive your brand message loud and clear.  Altr.design works with in-house teams, partners or with preferred suppliers.

Current clients span travel, retail, fashion, government, development, aviation and mining.

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Reinventures specialises in creating customer-centric enterprises. Reinventures provides the training to create the proper mindset and the tools to put that mindset to work, creating measurable customer-centric growth and reinvention—the heart of the value transformation that drives the world’s most successful businesses.

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Masters Communication specialises in creative, strategic and integrated marketing and communication that builds, protects and enhances brands and reputations. For communication enquiries related to Crisis Cover, please contact us at comms@crisiscover.com


Virtual Project Management provides virtual project services to small and medium-size businesses.  Our team include a group of highly skilled Project Managers, Program Managers and Product Managers.  Our experienced team spans (10+ years) and leverages deep IT, Health, Finance, Travel and Insurance industry knowledge combined with strong communication skills to effectively lead teams and execute on time-sensitive projects.  For more information, please send a quick note to info@thevirtualprojectmanagement.com and we will be in touch to discuss your requirements within 24 hours.