COVID-19 Pandemic


COVID-19 Pandemic


Update & Travel Advice 

Crisis Cover is actively engaged in addressing the on-going, evolving, and fluid COVID-19 Pandemic. We continue to deliver point-in-time information to our members via the MyTrac™ mobile app and MyPortal. 

We are actively transporting members to temporary and terminal safe haven locations (where necessary) and helping others to control movement and shelter in place.

As countries continue to tighten up border controls, we strongly recommend that you take action now and not wait until it becomes too late to depart your current location(s).

For those who are currently going through mandatory and self-quarantine situations, we are advocating on your behalf and will continue to provide emergency message transmissions and other support in accordance with the Rules & Regulations of your Crisis Cover Membership.

We remain operational and have measures in place to ensure the continuity of operations. We thank you for your continued confidence in Crisis Cover and our operating partners.